Friday, 9 March 2012

Tusk! Why don't you tell me whats going on...

Every journey has a beginning and my foray into the hazy world of the right-brainers is no exception.  To tell it I have to go back....way back...

In the beginning the world was flat supported on the backs of 4 elephants on top of a giant flying turtle.  Wait.  Nope, that doesn't sound right...lets get out of Discworld and back onto planet Earth.

Back...way back in time...

a girl child was born to an engineer dad and super crafty mum

so cute and already knowing to wear a hat to hide the cowlick that sends professional hairdressers running screaming for their flat irons to this day.  But thats a bit too far back in time for this story.

It began last December when I had a midlife crisis an epiphany.  After being an engineer for over a decade I decided its time to be CREATIVE, to channel that hidden inner artist that has been supressed for so long by calculators, data analysis & steelcapped workboots.  So what is it to be:  I can my own personal "special" key, I can long as its an isometric drawing in Autocad, I can dance.....just stand at least 10m back and avert your eyes in the interest of public safety.   In the end it came down to two options: learn the guitar or learn to sew.   I've put learn the guitar on the middle shelf until my hands finally have their growth spurt (short and stumpy....sigh) so sewing it is.

With a new Janome in my short and stumpy little grasp and an excited spring in my step (ok thats a lie, those machines are heavy...we'll go with twinkle in my eye) my journey is underway.  This blog is really so I can keep track of the things I make, the mistakes along the way & the sewing skills I learn and hopefully there is going to be some creative flair mixed in amongst it all.  And if I do this with Fleetwood Mac in the CD player and packet of snickers by my side than so be it.  

Fleetwood Mac title reference: Tusk! Album; Tusk! By: Buckingham

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