Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice....revisiting Simplicity 3750/2226

This last weekend I was torn between wanting to further my foray into learning more (need more input....) and having found some patterns I like, whipping (and by whipping I mean slightly faster than paint drying) up a couple of extra garments.  In the end the fabric chose it for me - I had a lovely broadcloth cotton in a blue that I wanted in a skirt and a Michael Miller secret garden cotton print that I wanted in a top so I revisited the simplicity patterns - Simplicity 3750 and Simplicity 2226.

Loki assisting with fabric prep

The good news is that I was able to knock them both up in one which I might have done a little happy dance when I was done. 

Apart from some small, miniscule (its really not polite to mention them) construction issues - the yoke front doesn't sit quite right on the skirt, and the carriers are a little off the mark - I was really happy with the skirt. 

The top suffered from a doh! moment from me when I realised that my modified back pattern piece was actually an inch shorter than the front of the top, the double doh! moment was when I realised that hem allowance on the front was as short as I was prepared to go on this top - the public is so not ready for my bare-midriff look.  So in the end I trimmed the front down an inch to match the back length and then made the narrowest hem I've ever done, couldn't have been more than 3/8".  Yes - the top is a little short but still wearable.
blue top and blue skirt

blue skirt + top from last week

Oooh! Forgot to mention I got to try out my new adjustable zipper foot.  Love, love, love, love it.  Putting a zipper in with the machine supplied one caused a few tense standoff moments between me and the machine (usually with me screaming 'go, go, go' and the machine whiring 'no, no, no').  I just couldn't get close enough and ended up doing a combo machine sew and hand sew to get it in place.  This new foot - no problemo!  Just have to watch my straight line sewing as it got a little curvey in places.

Coming up next weekend - back to sewing for my little niece.  Cute dress from New Look which has godets (which I have no idea how to pronounce - so instead will call them godess panels).  Plus want another Simplicity 2174.  Have been living in the shift dress lately and desperately want another. 
cute girly fabric for main dress....still thinking what to use for goddess panels.  Won't be using view B as inspiration.....leopard print.....for a toddlers dress!?

title Fleetwood Mac reference; Song: Gypsy, By: Stevie Nicks

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